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The bespoke process

Connecting you with a bespoke design orchestrated by your inspiring story, vision or moment is a memorable and personable process. It melds your unique thinking with the expertise of our skilled designers and craftspeople to create a piece that is truly you.

Stage I - Initial engagement

This initial consultation is where you’re able to communicate the foundations and overall vision of your bespoke piece with the Crafted team comfortably and privately. Based on your unique requirements, we will assign you with the designer that is best equipped to make your design a reality. Whether this conversation is conducted via email, phone call or in-store, our caring team will be available to answer any questions you may have about the process at this time.
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Stage II - Design consultation

Alongside your designer, you’ll talk through the design process and begin to conceptualise a piece that best represents your special moment. This consultation will allow you to define the design aspects that are most important to you.

Stage III - Stone sourcing

With respect to your finalised design, the Crafted team will source a selection of gems for you to choose and implement into your piece. Rare or specific stones may take some time to source, though our gemologists will continue searching until you feel a proper connection to a stone that represents your vision. We will be able to provide an accurate quote for each gem present to you.
Stage IV - Design and stone finalisation

Once you are delighted by the stone and the design, Crafted will organise an invoice and a terms and conditions document to sign. Once your payment is secured and the documents are signed, your piece will be scheduled for production.

Stage V - Production and completion

Crafted’s dynamic team of in-house jewellers and artisans will craft your incredible vision into a piece that’s timeless and tangible. This process typically takes between 3-5 weeks and we’ll be in touch with progress updates during production. At completion, the Crafted team will reach out with a HD photograph and will discuss delivery or pick-up instructions. You will be able to closely examine the piece alongside your design to ensure it embodies the dream you initially had.
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