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Lab grown diamonds

Lab grown diamonds, also known as cultivated, man-made synthetic diamonds or just lab diamonds, are created in a laboratory setting where the natural growth conditions of the mineral are emulated.

Although they are usually 40% to 80% cheaper than their natural counterpart, they are 100% real diamonds that are visually, chemically and physically identical to the naturally occurring variant. In fact, regular testing will render lab grown diamonds as real, natural diamonds with even the most specialised gemologists unable to find any differentiation.

• Significantly more cost effective
• Visually, chemically and physically identical to the naturally occurring diamonds
• Easily traceable and its ethical origins completely transparent
• Not reliant on disruptive mining procedures
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How are lab grown diamonds created?

There are two main techniques used to emulate the conditions of the earth’s mantle in order to create diamonds: the HPHT (high pressure, high temperature) method and the CVD (chemical vapour deposition) method.

• HPHT - Pure carbon pressed between two pieces of metal exposed to intense heat and pressure. In a number of weeks, the carbon is melted and a diamond is formed. The metal involved in the process can sometimes enter the diamond and lead to visible inclusions.

• CVD - A piece of naturally occurring diamond is treated with carbon-treated gas at an immense temperature. The carbon gases then ionise and become one with the original diamond as it crystallises. This method usually produces the highest quality minerals.
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