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Insurance replacements

However you come out of touch with or damage a precious piece, family heirloom, gift or commemorative token, we understand the insurance process can be confusing and frustrating. We are here to help.

At Crafted Jewellery, We can use our industry leading 3D design software to re-create lost or stolen items from an image wearing it or even just a sketch.

We are authorised by many leading insurers to supply replacement items and repairs to policyholders directly to minimise the stress of insurance engagements and find holistic solutions. Free consultations and itemised estimates for insurance replacements are all part of the process.
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What's involved?

1. Book an appointment to see us with a detailed description of the lost or stolen item, or the damaged precious piece.

2. We'll draft a comprehensive letter with either an estimated replacement, fixed replacement cost (if you or your insurer has a specification) or repair cost itemisation for you to submit to your insurer. Having served many clients struggling to navigate an insurance claim over the years, we're experienced in getting the exact repair or replacement.

3. Once approved by you or your insurer, Crafted will arrange remaking/repairing your precious jewellery in as little as two weeks. We'll also provide new accurate and date current complimentary insurance valuations for all clients replacing jewellery via a claim.
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