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Repairs, sizing and alterations

At Crafted Jewellery, we understand the priceless sentiment and value of your most precious jewellery. That’s why we are invested in repairs, sizing and alterations where excellence is the only outcome and no traces of work are visible. We’re committed to ensuring the unique beauty, stories and legacy of an inspiring piece is enduringly maintained.

Accidents do happen, but to us, it’s worse to see jewellery sitting broken or ill-fitting within a drawer. Our skilled team of in-house jewellers and craftsmen are specialised to breathe new life into pieces of any age, style and type. There is great pleasure in buying something new, but nothing beats the feeling when something you love and cherish glistens like it did when it first slipped into your hands.
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Jewellery isn't just a personal ornament as the definition says. It's an expression of who we are, an extension of our personality and often a statement of love.