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Redesign and remodelling

Our in-house artisans are equipped to redesign, remodel, repurpose and reimagine jewellery to your vision or in-line with one of our timeless bespoke designs.

Whether you’ve inherited an incredible piece that might not be to your taste, or you’re ready to breathe life into an old, unworn favourite, we’re committed to crafting a piece that offers the best of new and old. Whatever the size, shape and colour of your gemstones, or its enclosing material, we’re excited to create the perfect, sophisticated piece for you.

The Crafted approach to remodelling is inspired by our commitment to sustainability. It's an ethical process that doesn’t cost the earth and leverages a time-honoured benchmark of precious metal manu
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Transform your pre-loved pieces into perpetual treasures.
Excellence is engrained in our nature and embodied in our jewellery.