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A dedication to storytelling

Crafted Jewellery is inspired by the unique stories of every person that walks through our doors. Commemorative and stylish, our collection embodies fond memories, unforgettable experiences and individual values at every step of the artisan, handmade process.

Why? We believe your stories deserve to be carried day in and day out as an extension of who you truly are. They’re a vivid and precise way of expressing yours, reminiscing on your fondest memories and celebrating the beautiful relationship in your life. That’s why our distinct and tailored approach to jewellery craftsmanship is uplifted by your authentic sentiment.

We’re proud of our sustainable approach and committed to upholding the highest standard of ethics. Our ethos means you can come to expect a hands-on, comfortable and connected commitment to your inimitable moments, Each piece and every experience at Crafted Jewellery is uniquely you.
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From concept to completion, Crafted Jewellery leverages an unwavering commitment to conscious jewellery for the betterment of our industry and the world. As a family and a brand, we believe that the highest quality craftsmanship can be achieved with a great emphasis on moral responsibility, and this vision has underlined our sustainable journey since our inception.

It begins with our tight network of suppliers with which Crafted Jewellery has built transparent and symbiotic relationships with. These strong foundations stem into our in-house production operations where complete process control, from crafting to packaging, ensures our sustainable vision is consistently maintained with minimal waste. This allows us to innovate, inspire and embody the stories of each and every client without sacrificing the strength and longevity of our supply chain and environment.


Crafted Jewellery builds upon the individual beauty of every person involved in the timeless journey of jewellery. We are not only focused on building an inclusive workplace that empowers the differences and strengths of every team member, but also an incredible client experience where unique stories, moments and passions are uplifted and celebrated.

By encompassing this overarching view of equality, we are confident that our work only becomes more inspiring. We are able to access fresh ideas and perspectives while approaching each situation with understanding and empathy. Togetherness is what nourishes our community and our craft.
Made in London
A modern, passionate family run jewellers
Jewellery isn't just a personal ornament as the definition says. It's an expression of who we are, an extension of our personality and often a statement of love.