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Signet Rings

Designed to not only look magnificent and valiant, the signet ring is also a historically functional piece of jewellery. Its origins trace back to 3500 BC where it acted as an official mark of authenticity and as an individual or family signature for religious leaders and pharaohs. Traditionally, the face of the signet ring was engraved with a family crest or another noteworthy insignia and then pressed into hot wax or clay to leave a lasting impression.

At Crafted Jewellery, we believe in the enduring grandeur of signet rings and understand their significance as a family heirloom and a representation of unique legacies. Our commitment to a time-honoured method of hand-craftsmanship lends to bold and consequential pieces ready to be passed down from generation to generation.
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Cast Rings

Cast rings are the result of an ancient ring manufacturing process that involves molten precious metal being poured into a carefully constructed mould.

Die-stamped rings

This more contemporary method of signet ring crafting follows a similar process to modern coin minting. Manufacturing begins with a compressed sheet of precious metal which is fed into a hydraulic press housing signet-shaped steel dies. With enormous pressure, the press punches out a flat signet ring that is then handled by one of our in-house goldsmiths to forge and finish.


Engraving your signet ring, either on the inside or outside can be the perfect finishing touch, further personalising your piece.

Whether it’s a sentimental message, a quote, date or a family crest that encapsulates the essence of the piece, an engraving can be the perfect push toward absolute excellence.

Engravings are carried out either by hand or by laser permanently marking the flat portion of the signet ring with a pattern or crest of significance.

Due to its usage as a hot wax or clay stamp, engravings were traditionally carved in reverse so the resulting impression was a perfect 3D representation.
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